2015 American Hanoverian Society Awards

AHS Awards

For the second year in a row, Maple Run Farm has bred the winner of the Engler-Friedlander Memorial Trophy! Whitney MRF (Wolkenstein II /EM Dacia) scored an overall 8.41 in the 2015 Mare Performance Testing, achieving the highest score in the country. Whitney MRF was also winner of the Hartwig Memorial Trophy for the highest inspection scoring North American bred 3 or 4 year old in the USA! She is now owned by professional rider and trainier Tori Polonitza in Florida.

Tanqueray MRF (Totilas/EM Revlon) won the highest scoring 2 year old colt and reserve champion 2 year old for the AHS futurity! Tanqueray MRF is owned by Caryn Vesperman in WI.

Seraphina MRF's owner and rider Tori Polonitza was awarded AHS year end 2nd place at 3rd level Open, 3rd at 4th Level Open, and 5th at 3rd level Freestyle! We are so proud of Tori and Seraphina!

2015 Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders Championships North Central Region

Tanqueray MRFTanqueray MRF

Tanqueray MRF (Totilas/EM Revlon), owned by Caryn Vesperman, was unbeaten in two qualifying classes and then took the championship ribbon for two-year-old colts/geldings at the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders Championships North Central Region Sept. 20, 2015. Congratulations Caryn and Tanqueray MRF!

2015 American Hanoverian Inspection

Whitney MRF

This year's Hanoverian Inspection was once again a success! Two Maple Run Farm mares were performance tested and became Elite Mare Candidates.

4 year old Burlesque MRF (Bellisimo M/EM Revlon), now owned by Jessica Langer, finished with a final score of 7.38.

3 year old Whitney MRF (Wolkenstein II/EM Dacia), now owned by Tori Polonitza, finished with an incredible score of 8.41! Whitney MRF was also the top Inspection and Performance Test mare. Congratulations to both Jessica and Tori!

Nicole Beth presented 3 year old Rhianna MRF (Rubignon/EM Chenya), and she is now an Elite Eligible Mare.

The top filly and colt were also bred by Maple Run Farm. Top filly was Fatal Attraction MRF (Furstenball/EM Rousseanna), and top colt was Living The Dream MRF (Lemony's Nicket/EM Dahlcinae).

American Hanoverian Awards Banquet

Stiletto MRF

Maple Run Farm was well represented at the American Hanoverian Awards Banquet with the following accomplishments for 2014:

Stiletto MRF:
Bari Von Buedingen Memorial Award for the high scoring Hanoverian mare with a score of 8.33. The Hartwig Memorial Trophy for the highest combined inspection and performance test score.

Fergie MRF ridden by Shannon Langer:
Third highest Hanoverian at Second Level AA

Seraphina MRF ridden by Tori Polonitza:
Second Highest Hanoverian at Third Level Freestyle Open

Caron OBX ridden by Shelly Reichart:
Fifth highest at Training Level Open

2014 Regional Championships

Fergie MRF

6 year old Fergie MRF along with Maple Run Farm owner Shannon Langer was Reserve Champion at Second Level AA.

4 year old Caron OBX qualified for Regionals at Training Level with Shelly Reichart. Unfortunately, due to an injury, she was not able to compete.

6 year old Seraphina MRF with her owner Tori Polonitza placed 5th at Third Level Open and 3rd at Third Level Freestyle. Tori and Seraphina MRF ended up 3rd at Third Level Freestyle at the National Dressage Championships! Way to go Tori and Sera!

2014 American Hanoverian Inspection

Designed to Dance MRF

The top filly at this year's inspection was Designed to Dance MRF by Damsey out of EM Chenya (Contucci/Britania). Desi is long-legged, modern, and has lovely movement. She is the second Damsey foal we have had. The first, out of EM Rousseanna (Rousseau/Britania), was the champion filly at her inspection last year.

Stiletto MRF and Burlesque MRF

We presented 2 mares this year. Three year old Stiletto MRF, by Sir Donnerhall out of Britania, received a phenomenal score of 8.33 for her mare inspection. She completed her mare performance test with a final score of 7.38, with an 8 on ridibiliy, 7 on walk, and an 8 on trot and canter. Stiletto MRF was the top inspection mare as well as the top performance test mare at the inspection.

We also presented 3 year old Burlesque MRF (Belisimo/EM Revlon) who received a score of 7.33 and is elite eligible. She will be performance tested next year.

2012 Hanoverian Inspection

At this year's inspection, Fergie MRF (Fidertanz/EM Revlon) received the title of high score mare following her performance test, and is now an Elite Mare Candidate. Fergie continues to show what a wonderful ridability EM Revlon passes on. She is continuing on the path for a dressage career.

Whitney MRF

Whitney MRF (Wolkenstein II/EM Dacia) was named top foal at the inspection with high praises from the inspectors, including "this filly has it all." Whitney MRF is our third generation out of EM Revlon. They just keep getting better!

Burlesque MRF
photo by Cynthia Fleishman
The American Hanoverian Society also offered futurity classes this year for Hanoverian yearlings and two year olds. Out of 52 yearlings that were presented across the country, Burlesque MRF (Belissimo M/EM Revlon) was the top placed yearling with a score of 80.42!

Caron OBX
photo by Cynthia Fleishman
We are also very proud to announce that our new addition to Maple Run Farm, Caron OBX (Contucci/Komtess V) whom we purchased from the breeders Don and Dee Kapper of Outer Banks Farm, placed 2nd out of 44 two year olds with a final score of 75.75. We look forward to continuing to watch these lovely ladies mature.

Maple Run Farm 2012 AHS Inspection date announced

Join us on July 26th, when Maple Run Farm will once again be hosting the American Hanoverian Inspection at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds. Click here to enroll

Chante tied for 4th place in 2011
USDF Hanoverian All-Breed Awards - AA Training Level

photos by Wellman Image Photography

Congratulations to Kelly Bernard and Chante (Contucci/Revlon) on their successful show season!

Quantum MRF Takes 3rd Place in
2 Year Old Colts/Geldings Class at Dressage at Devon

Quantum MRF
photo by Mary Schramel

Congratulations to Nicole Helland on her success with Quantum MRF (Quaterback/Revlon) at Devon. Quantum took 3rd out of 18 in the 2 year old class with 75.0%. Second place scored 75.3% and first place won with 75.7%. It was very close, just missed 1st by .7%!

Congratulations Shelly Reichart and Welttaenser

Congratulations to Shelly Reichart of Paradigm Farm for winning the 2011 USDF Region 2 Grand Prix Open Championship with her gelding Welttaenser (Wally). Shelly is and has been a wonderful instructor, friend and inspiration to myself.

Dahlcinae Update


Dahlcinae (DeNiro/Britania) at the age of 5, with her adult amateur rider Shannon Langer, placed 5th at 2011 USDF Region 2 First Level Championships. She was the youngest in her class of 36, and handled the pressure beautifully.

2011 Hanoverian Inspection

Sangria Time MRF
image by 6lb Photo

Sangria Time MRF (Sir Donnerhall/EM Rousseanna) champion colt

Fergie MRF
image by 6lb Photo

Fergie MRF (Fidertanz/EM Revlon) high score Hanoverian mare and new EEM

Sangria Time MRF

Seraphina MRF (Sinatra Song/EM Chenya) top performance test mare and new EMC

Abampere Recieves 2nd Place
at Region 2 Breeders Championship

Abampere MRF

Congratulations to Andrea Sphor on her success with Abampere MRF (Ampere/EM Revlon) at the Region 2 Breeders Championship. With scores of 74% and 78% and comments of, "He has the character, presence and temperament necessary for training" and "a pleasing overall picture", Auby tied for first. The tie was broken, placing Auby second, favoring the 2 year old stallion stating, "he was older and more developed."

Wambertina MRF Named Champion Filly at the West Central Breeders Championship

Wambertina MRF
photo by Mary Schramel

Congratulations to Natalie Hamilton-Hinnemann and Stephan Hinnemann of Hinnemann Farms, as well as John and Mary Schramel of Five Star Farm in Minnesota for their success with Wambertina MRF (Wamberto/EM Evita). Wambertina won Champion Filly in the West Central Breeder Series, as well as placing first in the Hanoverian IBC and two year old filly classes. Her scores were 78, 78, 77.8 and 77.1. Her high score this year was an 82%, which she achieved on her way to being Filly Champion, Young Horse Reserve Champion, and third overall at the Alpine Farms show in June.

Copa Cabana MRF Comes Away From Alpines Farm Show with Champion Colt, Champion Young Horse, and
All-Around Grand Champion

Copa Cabana MRFCopa Cabana MRF
photos by Mary Schramel

Congratulations to Hinnemann Farms and Five Star Farm on their success with Copa Cabana MRF! (Contucci/Britania)

2010 Region 2 USDF Championships

Abampere MRF

Abampere MRF (Ampere/EM Revlon) owned by Andrea Spohr
Champion Current Year Foal 78.5%

Maple Run Farm was well represented at this year's Region 2 USDF Championships. Abampere MRF was named current year champion foal with a score of 78.5%. All three of our 2009 foals were also in attendance, including Quantum MRF as the champion colt with 81.2%. Wambertina MRF was awarded champion filly with 77.2%, and Copa Cabana MRF came in 3rd in the colts class with 74.075%. Congratulations to all who attended!

Quantum MRF

Quantum MRF (Quaterback/EM Revlon) owned by Nicole Helland
Champion Colt 81.2%

Wambertina MRF

Wambertina MRF (Wamberto/EM Evita) owned by Natalie Hamilton-Hinnemann
Champion Filly 77.2%

Copa Cabana MRF

Copa Cabana MRF (Contucci/Britania) owned by Natalie Hamilton-Hinnemann
3rd Place Colts 74.075%


2009 USEF National Developing Horse Dressage Championship

Cabana Boy

Cabana Boy, Ridden by Christopher Hickey
2009 USEF National Developing Horse Dressage Championship

On August 23rd, Cabana Boy (Contucci/Britania), now owned by Hilltop Farm and ridden by Christopher Hickey, was named the 2009 USEF Developing Horse National Champion. The team pulled off an unprecedented feat in winning two National Championships as a young horse (2007 as a five-year-old, 2008 as a six-year-old) followed by a victory in the Developing Horse division, earning the acclaim of the judges and an overall average score of 73.440%.

Click Here to watch video footage of their winning ride.


Hanoverian Inspection 2009, Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Copa Cabana MRF

Copa Cabana MRF by Contucci, Co-Champion Colt at Inspection

Wambertina MRF

Wambertina MRF by Wamberto, Champion Filly at Inspection

Our three year old mare Dahlcinae (De Niro/Britania) passed her Mare Performance Test, and is now Elite Eligible. She then went on to become the Champion Hanoverian Mare of the day.

Chenya (Contucci/Britania) was champion of the Mare Performance Test, easily gaining her elite status.

Champion Non-hanoverian mare was our Trakener mare Annabelle Lee, now owned by David Beattie, KD Trakheners.

Co-champion colts Benneton Dream /Annabelle Lee, Contucci/Britania

Champion filly and overall champion foal Wamberto/EM Evita


Hanoverian Inspection 2008, Jefferson County Fairgrounds

EMC Rousseanna

EMC Rousseanna, High Score Hanoverian Mare and Mare Performance Test Champion

Our 2005 mare Rousseanna (Rousseau / Britania) was named Top Hanoverian Mare and Performance test winner with a final score of 7.83 and is now an Elite Mare Candidate.
EM Revlon's foal Fergie MRF, by Fidertanz, was named top filly, followed by Chenya's Sinatra Song filly, Seraphina MRF, who was named reserve champion filly. Wintessa's Quaterback colt, Quintin MRF, was named champion colt.


Hanoverian Inspection 2007, Oldenburg Farm

Denali MRF

Denali MRF Named Top Colt at Inspection

Following their performance tests, Revlon was named the high score mare and is now Elite. Evita is an Elite Mare Candidate, and will recieve her Elite Status following the birth of her first foal. Wintessa's Dancier foal, Dianessa, was named top filly, and Revlon's Diamond Hit foal, Denali, was named top colt.


Cabana Boy named 2007 5 year old Young Horse Champion

Following an extremely successful show season, which included his participation in the 2007 World Championships for Young Horses in Verden, Germany, Cabana Boy was named the 2007 5 year old Markel/USEF National Young Horse Champion. Now under the ownership of Hilltop Farm and ridden by Chris Hickey, Cabana boy recieved an overall score of 8.480 following the two days of competition.


Hanoverian Inspection 2006, Oldenburg Farm

EM Wintessa

EM Wintessa, High Score Hanoverian Mare

Our special girl Wintessa (Winterprinz/Alexa) from our first foal crop earned her elite status. While her foal patiently waited back in the barn, Wintessa put her heart into her work and showed her wonderful ridability. In addition, Wintessa was the high score Hanoverian mare that day.


Dressage at Lamplight 2005 Regional Championships

The only show we participated in this year and it was a success. We presented Decadence (Diamond Hit/Revlon), who was the Champion Weanling Colt, Reserve Champion Colts and Fillies 3 and under, and finished the day as the Grand Champion in the Cosequin Colts and Geldings class.


Hanoverian Inspection 2005, Oldenburg Farm


Decadence Named Top Colt at Inspection

Once again Revlon produced an inspection site champion. This time our stunning Diamond Hit colt, Decadence. His wonderful blend of pedigrees was quite evident in the quality of his movement, and his charming disposition.


Devon 2005

It is always nice to hear how our offspring are doing in their new homes. Once again Hilltop Farm presented Cabana Boy and he did us and them proud, coming in 3rd in the 3yr. old colts and geldings and the Hanoverian 3yr. and older. Finishing the day Winning the Cosequin Colt/Geldings Champioship!